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Clean Energy Nexus was founded to transform the way electricity is delivered to commercial and industrial (C&I) customers.  After years of observing the struggles to develop, finance and serve this customer segment, it became apparent that the way this industry currently operates is broken.  We must serve our customers better in these three areas;

  • Development Expertise - the companies hired to develop the project must work for the benefit of the client.  They must prioritize transparency, develop the opportunity quicker to minimize costs, and follow an organized system for doing the work.
  • Financing Capability - most developers and installers say they have financing but in reality they do not. They are hoping to sell the project to an investor when the project is near construction. This adds time and significant uncertainty if the project PPA price is too low or costs are too high to attract the interest of investors. Many also lack the experience and rigor needed to attract investors, and thus struggle to create an attractive investment. We must create transparency in the industry around these practices to create better investment opportunities in clean energy.
  • Aligned Incentives - most solar developers and installers are paid by making the project cost more on paper and paying themselves the difference between their cost and the cost they charge the customers.  At the end of the day, this just raises the customers’ cost of electricity. We need to create trust with our customers by showing them how each team gets paid and how much with a clear and honest contract process.  

Clean Energy Nexus champions the disintermediation of this fragmented and dysfunctional market by aligning with the investor to deliver a high quality investment at a lower cost.  We do this by leveraging our expertise in development, finance and construction all through an online solar project service platform that allows us to cut costs and deliver our projects on time and on budget.  This in turn saves the customer money by providing a lower electricity bill, and the investor gets a higher return on investment as a result of the efficiencies and skills of our team. 

We look forward to working with you and to bringing our capabilities to your clean energy solution. Thank you for considering Clean Energy Nexus.


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